The High Fidelity Duo
wedding entertainment
The High Fidelity Duo
wedding entertainment

Do I need to hire a P.A or provide any sound equipment?
No, we will provide all of the music and sound for your big day. We use a small portable P.A during the ceremony and bring out the big P.A for the reception. The use of the P.A systems are included in all of our packages. 

Can we use your P.A for speeches?
Absolutely! Keep in mind that our microphones are not wireless, and therefore your guests will need to do their speeches where we perform. 

Can I play my own music during your breaks?
Yes you can. Please provide us with a playlist on your Ipod or Mp3 player on the day as we won't be able to play CDs or USBs. We will always have a wedding playlist available for you to use just in case. 

How long are your set times?
Our sets are generally 45 minutes

What time will you set up and how long will you need?
We like to set up bright and early before any of the guests arrive. If we are performing at two locations, we will set up the big P.A system for the reception first and then set up the smaller P.A for the ceremony.

What are your most popular song requests for the ceremony?
5000Miles by The Proclaimers

First Day Of My Life by Bright Eyes
Sea of Love by Cat Power

Glitter by Pink

We are more than happy to take requests and learn new songs for your ceremony

What are your most popular song requests for the first dance?
Rock With You by Micheal Jackson

Wanna be Your Lover by Prince

Requests are more than welcome!

How will you arrange your set times?
We will work with you and your wedding planner in the lead up to the day to arrange our set times. We ask to receive a copy of your runsheet or timeline in the week before the date and we will work out a basic timeline for our sets and breaks. We will send you a copy of our runsheet before the day for any changes you feel should be made. On the day we will work from this runsheet and use it as our guide, however due to the nature of the events we are always flexible on the day if things run behind schedule

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